Pan Pontian Youth Cultural and Folkloric Festival

Pontian Society of the Southeastern United States -"argonaftes"

*Photographs are property of Sandy Papdopoulos & the Dora Stratou Archives*

tradition & culture


MUSICIANS: Alexis Parharidis,  Babis Kemanetzidis, Giorgis Sofianidis, Christos Tiktapanidis, Vaggelis Pesiridis, Michael Pesiridis, & Dimitri Papadimitriou​​

... and much more!

Sponsored by the Pontian Society of the Southeast, Argonaftes. Please join us in Atlanta, GA  for a weekend full of music, dance, & tradition. With workshops on Pontian language, cooking, singing, dancing, and much more, come learn the intrinsically beautiful and rich traditions of the Hellenic natives of the Black Sea..... the Pontians. 

June 24th, 25th, & 26th 2016


Nikos Zournatzidis

Giorgios Kasambalidis

​Ploutarchos Kanetidis